Innovation: the key for PR success

Silvia Albert

To be able to give a new and different approach when facing any communication task (as well as in many other businesses) has always been important, in order to ‘outstand’ among others and reach the public’s eye more effectively. But we can say it has become crutial during the last years. Those firms and individuals who risked and were creative were usually the winners. Apple, Amazon, Spotify… we can agree that these companies are succesful because they were able to find innovative ways of doing businesses that already existed. But they also understood that the best way to reinforce a new idea or a new concept of business was to communicate it in a different and innovative way.

But for innovation to occur, there has to be a previous inspiration, a reason, strong enough to inspire a new way of working, and able to provoke change. So, how do this change (from the inspiring idea > to the innovative way of solving a task > to the transformation on the working methods) happen?

That is what wellcomm has tried to figure out in its publication Perspectivas wellcomm 2014, a new edition of its annual report, which aims to identify and expose the keys and main trends that will set the scenary for the PR and communication industry during the year.

Wellcomm, a consultancy that specializes in headhunting, coaching and talent recruiting in the Communication sector, started publishing Perspectivas wellcomm in 2010, as a collaborative project that tried to gather together all the relevant opinions and voices of the sector, in order to share their views on the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Perspectivas wellcomm 2014 was launched on the 20th of February in Madrid, and this year had a very special slogan: “Inspiration, Innovation, Change”.

After years of wondering what was happening in the PR and Media sector and how it would be transformed after the crisis, wellcomm decided to focus on the ways that the succesful PR professionals and firms were coping with the situation, and how they had taken the path of innovation and change to adapt to new contexts and ways of understanding communication. What had inspired them? How would they recommend other colleagues and competitors to seek the change?

A total of 34 professionals of all the fields related to Communication, Media and PR tried to answer these questions. Journalists, Heads of Corporate Communications, Psychologists, PR executives, Social Media experts… all of them contributed with their views and ideas to the discussion. Natural evolution or sudden change?

The answers are many and very varied: for some of them, innovation is just a matter of doing things in a different way; for others, the key is to think in a different way, and that will transform our way of working. Some of them find it as a natural evolution and adaptation to the environment, others consider that there are revolutionary periods like the one we are currently going through, that mean a total change on the way we live and, consequently, we communicate.

Many of the 34 professionals that participated in this new edition of Perspectivas wellcomm attended the presentation event in Madrid, at the BBVA Innovation Center, and took part in a roundtable where many brilliant ideas and interesting opinions were shared.

The hashtag #perspectivaswellcomm became a national trending topic during the event, which shows how not only the PR professionals, but also many of the public who are interested on communication and innovation already indentify this project as a reference and a key indicator of how the sector is adapting to new business models and ideas.

According to Rosa Matías, Project Manager at wellcomm, “our aim is to debate about new alternatives to create different ways of communicating. We are in the middle of a big change in the paradigm of communication and the newest players coexist with the old models in media and corporate communications. This means a great opportunity for those able to adapt to the new models, but also means that many of those who are not willing to evolve can remain in the way”.

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