Media relations

Mutualidad Abogacía


To position the Mutualidad Abogacía Group as an insurance company recognized in the media for its social and sustainable commitment. To this end, a quantitative base objective was established: 30% of media coverage should be linked or related to these aspects, giving visibility to the group’s multifaceted approach (business, financial and social) and positioning the different spokespersons of the entity with experience in these issues.


The central axis of the strategy was based on building relationships with journalists and other public relations actions based on the alignment of the group and its projects and initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030, which we used as a reference to measure the achievement of the base objective.


We obtained 33% coverage linked to one or more UN SDGs (up to 7 different ones) in both financial and specialized and general press. The positioning of Grupo Mutualidad Abogacía in terms of sustainability and social commitment reached all its key audiences through the spokespersonship of up to 7 of its experts with whom we carried out a total of 28 qualitative actions (interviews and background, collaborations and opinion forums).

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