17 years of constant communication

Silvia Albert

March 1999. The Director of Communications in an American Investment Bank. I took a risk. Desire, a lot of desire. Energy. Two male professional advisers saying: “don´t do it.” (Sometimes I don’t know why I ask for advice…). A small office in the Salamanca area. The coming of the dot.com boom. Early on it remained small, very small. Professionals came and went; there was a bit of everything: the bad, the good and the very good. Then it began to grow into a small grand family. The brand reflecting a form of acting, of working, of advising. And a recognized gap in the market, like a sailing boat amongst transatlantic giants. Life goes on, placing human beings as the most essential thing on the horizon; the non-essentials falling by the wayside.

March 2016. A lot of experience gained from this journey, from the very ugly to the utterly marvellous: friendship and truth. Clients who have walked the path with us, very sure of their escorts. Others who have wanted to join us along the way and others who have sought other waters, much calmer or much stronger.

In these 17 years we have changed and have learnt to be much more of who we are. I am very proud.

Perhaps this is coming from the heart and many will think that when it comes to business there is no room for feelings. I do not agree with this at all. For more than half of these 17 years we have lived for and by this company, after all, we have dedicated many hours to it, spending just as much time nourishing the crop as understanding it. Because to understand and learn is to do business.

Each year on this date, I speak with pride, strength, and joy, of all that is and all that was. Today is no different. Each year on our birthday, we speak of this company as some micro company in a country of fierce shots, corruption and favouritism. We are talking about something that has been hard and difficult but also rewarding and satisfying. This something has been to contribute a drop to the ocean of business. Like us there are many. We owe our gratitude to them too.

In these 17 years, we have had hundreds of friends, companions and clients who have made all this effort worth it. Here, there is a lot of teamwork, innovation, strategy, team-spirit, information, communication, talent, professionalism, passion, commitment, creativity and yes, fun too.

We are not at the awkward teenage age, No way! We have a sensible and focused teenager. We have neither lost our direction nor gone nuts from all the growth hormones. But that is not to say that we do not have a youthful vitality and the energy that these years have given us, true experience and the desire to do more and better.

Thank you to all, who have accompanied us throughout these years. Thank you to the sector that has reserved that special spot of admiration and respect for us; to the clients, who continue to enjoy and learn by our side; to the friends, who have always provided affection and help. And to the team, to each and every one of them who have made it worth getting up each day and saying ´for the company!´ Congratulations to Rosa Matías, Natalia Martín, Gabriel Navarro, Rosa del Blanco, Cristina Rubio, Joan Espuny, Carlos Balaguer, Agustina Barbaresi, Oliver Serrano, Marta Ruiz, Mónica Bernado… and to many more years to come.


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