9 things to keep in mind when working from home

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Lately, the amount of people working individually has doubled as well as the fact that many businesses have grown fond of “work from home” in order to improve the balance between work and personal life. Because of this, today we would like to analyse some key ideas, which will help you if you too work from home.

  1. Organize your time to work

One of the advantages of working from home is that there is no need to meet the traditional timetable.

However, it is very useful and recommended to have some kind of established timetable to avoid working until late every day.

Also, plan short pauses every morning to rest, have a coffee or read the newspaper, pauses that will help you clear your mind.


  1. Create objectives

Working from home, the normal half-yearly report or annual evaluation, in which your work is revised and your professional development is planned is still available. However, it’s advisable to look for an alternative with which you’ll be able to fix your own objectives and value the work you’re performing, which will help you improve your productivity.


  1. Do sport

Clearly, this is not something which will make you earn more or make your work more profitable, but going out for a walk or playing sports twice a week will help you maintain a more alert mind, be healthier and improve your physical state. Also, it will make the time you spend at your desk more bearable and make the house less oppressive.

  1. Meet other people

This may seem obvious, but it actually isn’t and many times it isn’t met or may seem difficult to do if your friends work at conventional offices.

There are a lot of options out there to do so: sign up to classes, join a team or meet profession partners, who also work from home. Also, take time to meet customers face- to- face.

To work from home saves a lot of time lost in between coffees and office talk, but a moment of disconnection is necessary for everyone.

  1. Go on vacation

Many self- employed workers feel that it is never a good moment to take a break and go on vacation. Have in mind that everyone has some days of rest and that it is necessary to them as much as they are to you.

Also, one of the benefits from working from home is being able to organize yourself in your own way. If you are able to go on vacation whenever you prefer try to benefit from the cheapest seasons where the rest of the workers will be working.

  1. Allow time to yourself

As much as you may like and enjoy your job, it is fundamental to save a bit of time for yourself.

Develop interests or simply relaxing will help your mind to rest and refresh so that you can come back to your work with more energy and new ideas.

  1. Household chores aren’t part of your work

On many occasions, working from home makes us want to make use of our time to do household chores. However, it is very important not to mix areas of our life. Consider that if you were at the office you would use your breaks to rest or have a coffee, not to start the washing machine or to iron. Don’t allow your household chores to take time from you or you’ll never finish the day.

  1. Control the temptations of the kitchen

Working from home makes it difficult to resist the temptations awaiting us in our fridge, because of this, and in order to avoid the temptation, reserve a shelf for healthy food to have during the day. Plan your meals the day before, the same way you would do if you worked at an office, this will help you to be more organized, eat better and save time.

  1. Have respect for your rest

Being self-employed may make us easily turn every day into a work day. Resting is equally important in order to work productively. Because of this, establish your down time and switch off on weekends without excuses.

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